Jewel Fix started in 2000 in Kolonaki on Ypsilandou Street and then in Charitos, where it is still today. The idea was to create a space where the public could turn for immediate service in matters of repair and maintenance of jewelry

The person behind the idea is Antonis Krokidis

Antonis has been talking to metals and stones for many years. He also talks to people, while hiding behind his counter he creates jewelry that reflects stories. Its space, Jewel - fix has been known to the public for a long time, as one of the few open jewelry workshops. Only recently did Antonis decide to change his character a bit, creating a space that would have all the characteristics of a boutique, while at the same time it would continue to function as a workshop.

By creating jewel-fix's eshop, he moved a step further


I have curated rings, crosses, bracelets, pieces that a grandmother or mom or aunt gives to grandchildren, children and nieces, with wishes and tears of joy. For me, however, the construction of a single stone or the construction of a baptismal cross also carries great personal responsibility, as with the piece I am editing I invade a special moment in the life of some people.

Jewel Fix is a mirror that reflects the diversity of the people who visit it, managing to create an elegant aesthetic and high quality alloy.